Bulletins & Announcements

Hello everyone. Our regular office hours for appointments are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Please call our office to schedule your appointment, 425-861-1112. If you get our office recording, please make sure to leave a message for us to get back to you.

With us being back to our regular office hours we continue to use Covid preventative protocols. And remember, keeping your nervous system healthy is a major key to strengthening your immune system and maintaining optimum health.

Also, you may come by the office during regular business hours to pick up what supplements we have in stock, including Briotech sanitizer, but please call our office first, 425-861-1112, and leave a message before coming by. We can also order and have supplements ship directly to you, just give us a call. Supplements Dr. Steve recommends are Biotic’s ADP, which is emulsified oregano, one of the strongest antibiotic, antiviral nutrients on the planet, Ultra Vir-X from Biotics (antiviral), Total VR-X from Nutri-West (antiviral), and Biotic’s Bio C Plus 1000, Bio D Mulsion Forte, and Lysine. These are just a few mentioned that are high quality supplements to boost your immunity and fight viruses, and we can recommend at your next appointment even more immunity defense and overall supplements to help your health specifically. And remember, it is important everyone should have a bottle of Briotech HOCl with them at all times. If you are in public, Briotech spray is better and a cleaner solution compared to standard hand sanitizers.

I can also continue to assist you over the phone and/or via email. Please send any questions or concerns to bellevuenaturalhealth@frontier.com and I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Stay in love and continue to seek the positive during challenging times. Thank you all.

Yours in health and love,

Dr. Steve
Bellevue Natural Health

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